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At this point we’ve brought your target audience from cold, to warm, to hot. In other words your target audience is now very aware of your brand and leaning in daily for your message, this is when we bring them vital calls to action that spike conversions.

We spice up the conversation, tickle their funny bones, and tug on their heartstrings and invite your audience to lean in and anticipate your message.



Develop Lean In


Raise Awareness


Like a glint of sunlight reflected in the sand, or a scream of an eagle in flight, or the gentle brush of breeze on your skin, we bring attention to your brand.



Creatures of Light

About Us



Tina Barnett is an award winning film producer and emerging film director.  She has an extensive background in non-profits and general management of a film equipment rental company.


Tina is on the board of directors of Idaho Media Professionals and has a degree in business management. Boise has been her home for over two decades and is where she raised her two children.


Tina is an avid dancer, cyclist and yogini.

Craig Lew

Craig Lew is an award winning author, screenwriter, director and producer.


A film industry consultant, Craig has worked with PBS, KCET, Deluxe Labs, ITC, Modern VideoFilm and helped establish the original Dreamworks SKG.


He’s produced nine films and directed seven.


Craig’s last major release, ROCK JOCKS, is an offbeat Sci-Fi Comedy starring Felicia Day, Justin Chon, Jason Mewes, Andrew Bowen, Doug Jones, Gerry Bednob, James Dumont, Kevin Wu, Mark Woolley and Robert Picardo.


Craig’s debut YA novel Breath to Breath is the first of a trilogy.  Based on a true story, it is written in free verse, edited by Emma Dryden and published by Relish Media, an imprint of Little Pickle Press.  Currently, the producers of “Community” and “The Sopranos” are developing the books into films. Craig is represented by ICM Partners.

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© Copyright  2018 Creatures of Light.